"The difficult we can do immediately; the impossible takes a bit longer."

- Otto Klemm, co-founder.

Arno Schmidt, Jim Brennaman, Shannon Doughty Otto Klemm, Jesse Bell, Carl Brennaman

Arno Schmidt, Jim Brennaman, Shannon Doughty Otto Klemm, Jesse Bell, Carl Brennaman

During the Great Depression of 1929, two adventurous metal spinners, Otto Klemm and Jesse Bell decided to combine their talents and form their own metal spinning company. The company began in the basement of Otto's house where his 11-year old daughter Elfriede would cut blanks, drill holes in the metal, and prepare wood to be used in the annealing process. As the company grew, Otto and Jesse decided to move to a store-front located at 1901 Indiana. In 1932, the company incorporated under the name United Metal Spinning Company under the provisions of the Missouri state statute. As business began to expand and the need for more machinery and room became necessary, the two owners began purchasing adjoining properties and expanded the business. Also in 1932, 19-year old Carl Brennaman began working for United Metal Spinning where he met and eventually married Otto's daughter, Elfriede. With the death of Otto, Carl and Elfriede took over the business and brought in their sons Larry and Dennis, and eventually their grandson Larry Jr., all accomplished and experienced metal spinners.

The company is now located at 813 Winchester, and is still family-owned and operated by Larry Sr. and Laura Brennaman, with the help of their son, Larry Jr. Over the years, United Metal Spinning has manufactured spinnings for the lighting industry, custom car, truck, and motorcycle industries, food and vending machines, church wares, parts for popcorn machines, washing machines, aircraft, radar, and jewelers, artists, and metal fabricators. Although most of the work is subcontracted, it can still be seen today in the light fixtures in Kansas City - City Hall, the Jackson County Court House and even a few of the U.S. Navy's ships. In more recent years, our spinnings have been used in the Bartle Expansion, the Vatican in Rome, the RLDS Temple in Independence, Missouri as well as some of the brass and bronze work at the Ward Parkway Shopping Center, the University of Missouri Kansas City, and numerous other projects all over the world. In honor of Otto Klemm, United Metal Spinning has also created its own brand of excellent bakeware, called Klemmware, which can be ordered here.